Dena Foundation For Contemporary Art
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Artists & curators Residency Program Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Récollets Paris

Artists and curators Residency Program 2014

Promotion Carla Accardi*
Director: Valentine Meyer, independent curator

September 2014 – January 2015
Centre International d’Accueil et d’Echanges des Récollets, Paris

Scholarships in collaboration and thanks to the support of the National Arts Council of Singapore

Jane KohJane Koh, curator
Born in 1989 in Singapore, Jane Koh’s most recent research has investigated the phenomena of social media culture among young female Netizens. She co-curated in 2013 the exhibition focused on the remembering of her nation’s history.
Jane Koh, as a resident, will be in internship at la maison rouge – fondation antoine de galbert/Paris, and will follow up with the Dena’s activities.

Stephanie Jane BurtStephanie Jane Burt
, artist
Born in 1988 in Singapore, the artist is currently based in Glasgow (UK). The nature of her work is site specific, as a component of the surrounding architecture. She creates installations with abandoned materials holding traces of their former “life”. She would like to extend her research into the field of gender, feminism and psychoanalysis. Literature and poetry are also part of her work’s motivation, as she writes fictional prose alongside her visual practice.


Luke HengLuke Heng, artist
Born in 1987 in Singapore, Luke Heng’s current series of paintings deal a lot with the process of the making up of the painting. Together with eastern philosophy of Ying-Yang, the environment has always been a key influence on his approach as well as perceiving subjects. He’s interested in extending his practice as a painter focusing on the pace of living (relatively fast in Singapore, more slow in Paris) and how it will affect himself and by extension his work.


Scholarship in collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino in the frame of the European Leonardo Da Vinci Program

Davide ManciniDavide Mancini Zanchi, artist
Born in 1986 in Urbino (IT). Through the use of objects and creating situations, the work of Davide Mancini Zanchi seeks to highlight a kind of privacy, where everyone is alone with himself. His work consists of series in which similar occurring features could be considered as models for his work. He uses the body as an expressive medium, video, photography and painting.



* Carla Accardi(Tapini, 1924 – Rome, 2014) is considered one of the key members of the Italian avant-garde. Her work has been exhibited in several international institutions, such as the Venice Biennal – International Art Exhibition (1964, 1976, 1988), P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York (2001), the Musée d’art moderne de la Ville de Paris (2002), MARTa Herford (2007), Moscow Museum of Modern art (2008), among others.